Monday, February 28, 2011


Been MIA.  It's terrible.  I do have a Goodreads account so I try to give a quick overview of all I read there.  But meanwhile, this blog has been neglected.  I'm sorry.

I'm on a lyrical kick right now, for the sake of my own writing.  Been reading a ton of poetry, and also prose writers who write like poets.  Right now on Michael Ondaatje's Collected Works of Billy the Kid.   It's combination prose and poem and photographs.  Eclectic and wonderful in so many ways.  Kind of gory, kind of sweeping, kind of funny.

Here's an example of funny:

When Charlie Bowdre married Manuela, we carried them
on our shoulders, us on horses.  Took them to the Shea
Hotel, 8 rooms.  Jack Shea at the desk said
Charlie -- everythings on the house, we'll give you the
No no, says Charlie, dont bother, I'll hang onto her ears
until I get used to it.

Yes, I'm enamored.