Friday, July 9, 2010

Anne Carson is still a genius anyway.

So I finished the last few pages of Plainwater.  I was very taken by the essay about her brother, however short it was.  It was heartbreaking, really, and made me want to go out and get Nox, which delves into this nebulous relationship more.

Overall, I'd say that while I liked this very much, it didn't have the immediate breathtaking quality that Red did.  I think perhaps there were parts that were too abstract for this fiction writer to grasp at.  Nonetheless, I still plan on trying to get through her oeuvre.  I have Glass, Irony and God lined up somewhere.

To be honest though, Carson's way with words - her faculty with language, her ability to hit on a sentiment just right, her beautiful turns of phrases and imaginative metaphors... I am struck by her genius at times.  I don't just love her, I want to be her.  I want to swim in her words sometimes.  That's all.

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