Monday, May 3, 2010

Speaking of Anne Carson

So I went to her amazing fabulous reading at Poet's House last week, where she read from her new not-quite-book, Nox.  I didn't buy it before the reading because it was $30 which I felt was hefty, but by the time I got out, I wanted it and it was sold out.  The book (object?) is sort of an elegy to her dead brother, and was really moving.  Anne Carson's ability to make something simultaneously heartbreaking and beautiful is absolutely breathtaking.  I love her so much.  It's so important to me that I find authors whose language induces my writing on a mood and emotional level, and she does that for me.

Here's NY Mag's review of Nox.  I think I might end up getting this, but I now I have three of her books that I need to get through first.

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