Sunday, May 23, 2010

Romantic creatures = leeches

I've been venturing into poetry more recently, and have been introduced to Jeffrey McDaniel, whose poem "The Quiet World" is one of my favorites.  So I've picked up two of his collections.  Today I finished The Splinter Factory.  I love McDaniel's way with words.  His metaphors are surprising but apt, his lines poignant but edgy, and I find myself sighing with affect when I get to the end of many of his poems.  I don't know a lot about poetry so I'm finding it hard to describe exactly what it is about his poetry that gets under my skin and burrows into me, but it does.  The Splinter Factory is really really good, but I especially like "When a Man Hasn't Been Kissed", "The Benjamin Franklin of Monogamy", "The Mirror in Which I'll Be Judged", "The First Straw", "What Year Was Heaven Desegregated?", "The Foxhole Manifesto" and "The Everlasting Staircase".

The thing I like about his poetry is that for a newbie poetry reader like me, I find his poetry extremely accessible.  I highly recommend him.  I absolutely loved loved this collection.

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