Sunday, May 16, 2010

Perfect unexpected endings.

I'm halfway through Civilwarland in Bad Decline, which I am compeletely loving.  I'm so thankful for grad school for introducing him to me, because I'm not sure I otherwise would have picked George Saunders up, but he's simply fantastic.  I really like the title piece, as well as a couple of the others, but I just recently finished "Offloading for Mrs. Schwartz" and loved it so much.  The thing that Saunders is so good at is taking stories into a place you don't expect at all, but are completely perfect, so that you're like, "Of course this is how it has to end!"  "Mrs. Schwartz" was completely heartbreaking in the way it ended, but simply perfect.  So good.  I'm now halfway through the novella portion, "Bounty"... and will soon be done.

And yes, now that school is over, I'm knee-deep in catch-up.

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