Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last thoughts on Civilwarland

I really enjoyed this book, but I have to say I didn't like "Bounty", the novella, as much as I liked the other stories.  Like his other stories, it was set in some alternate world, and the protagonist had a quirky unique voice. There were poignant moments for sure, like the memory of the father leaving them, but all in all, I didn't feel the quirkiness of the voice translated as well into a longer form, and I definitely felt the ending of the story was dissatisfying, which is surprising given that I've raved about the endings for most of his other short stories.  Which goes to show that perhaps Saunders should best stick to short stories for now -- or perhaps he has yet to learn his stride for a longer form.

Overall though, I really really liked Civilwarland in Bad Decline.  It shows me the possibilities of the short form, and was one of those short story collections that I really wanted to get through.

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