Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reread: Remains of the Day is even more awesome than I remember it being

Quick thoughts:

I re-read Remains of the Day for class this week.  Long time followers will remember I read this book about two years ago, shortly after I started this blog.  At the time I really enjoyed it, but I don't think my taste was nearly as "sophisticated" as it is now, which is weird, because it was only a few years ago.  But in the sense that I remember thinking back then that I was bored at parts, and I didn't really care about politics or butlering or any of that other stuff.  I think I was reading it for plot at the time, and therefore felt it moved slow sometimes.  And as much as I did appreciate that it had literary value, I don't think I got it as fully as I do now.  Strangely enough, this time I read through it, it was such a fast read and completely compelling from beginning to end.  I couldn't put it down, even though I'd read it before.  It was like I was reading it for the first time!  I read it really carefully this time, but it didn't even feel like it was at all slow.  Everything was so interesting to me, from the way it was crafted, to his unreliable narrator (and maybe it made a difference that I knew this time that he was unreliable?), to the way he shifted in memory, and just seeing the little hints Ishiguro placed about his unreliability.

I find it really strange, but I guess I've actually become a BETTER READER in two years' time?  But I loved the book more than I did the first time around.  Maybe because I can appreciate it from a writers' perspective, but maybe also because I've matured as a reader.  In any case, I just thought it was worth noting that I have new found appreciation, and in fact, was fairly blown away by this second read.

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