Thursday, June 11, 2009

Strong female voices

I just finished The Red Tent, and really enjoyed it.

I'm horrifically ignorant of the Bible (Old or New Testament), and I pretty much assumed Genesis was like... Adam and Eve and the creation of the world. In any case, I never knew much about the story of Jacob or his sons, and certainly not Dinah, so I came into this story with no knowledge. I found the writing and language really easy but rich in tone, and I loved the story of the mothers. This is truly a female book. Afterwards, I did my googling to figure out what the passage in the Bible actually said. I think it's extremely imaginative of Diamant to come up with her own interpretation of this small section in the Bible, and an imagining that is so feminist in its way (not rah-rah feminist, but of strong bold women). I seriously just enjoyed being immersed in the world she was painting for us.

The only moments where I had problems was towards the end, as we started getting a listing of all the spawn of the Jacobites. I realize that this probably has to do with connecting it back to the Old Testament, but it just sort of seemed listy to me. The ending with her being this spirit, and telling of her death was also kinda gimicky to me. I would have preferred an earlier ending just by a few pages. But beyond that, thought this book was fantastic.

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