Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holy sh*t.

I just wrote the last 15 pages (I think) of my novel. That means. I am actually at the end. As in, I wrote to the end of my novel!

I have a ton of scenes from the first half still to write (that I lazily skipped over in my first run-through), but once I get those under my belt, I can start writing the fun second draft where I can piece everything together since now I know what happens!

I am SO EXCITED. This novel has been so daunting to me, and while I know I still have a long long long way to go before it's even fit for a beta reader's eyes, I feel I've climbed my own little molehill here in actually getting to the end!

I wasn't sure I was going to make it!

[For all you writers who already have 1+ completed novels under the belt, I guess this pittance of a milestone is nothing... but I am REALLY REALLY excited!]

Okay. Bye!

5 drops:

moonrat said...


champers all around!!! too bad you're on the west coast. i'm clearly going to have to finish the bottle myself!

wow, and did all this magic happen at cindy's house?!

angelle said...

ha, the first 1600 words, and then i came home and wrote another 2000 or so.

rammy lee park said...

congratulations you! that is a real accomplishment. 15 pages and im exhausted. and thanks for your encouraging notes on the process. its a fine line, always, right? ps. just added you as a friend to my blogggg. :) <3

rammy lee park said...

i fixed it!

tinkandalissa said...

Congrats! I am writing my first also. That is a HUGE deal! Good luck with the next round of edits!

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