Friday, June 19, 2009

Heartbreakingly perfect ending.

Okay. I just finished the Lahiri collection, Unaccustomed Earth, and I am so heartbroken!


As soon as I put together day after Christmas, Thailand and earthquake in the morning, I KNEW IT. I KNEW WHERE WE WERE HEADED and I only hoped that Lahiri would navigate away from the heartbreaking ending so that they could be together.

But no. NO SHE DIDN'T and I AM SAD.

See this is how I know that Lahiri is awesome. These are only three short stories linked together loosely, and I am so bound to these characters in just a few pages that she's broken my heart. IN THREE SHORT STORIES! In 100 pages! How does she do it? Why am I upset? It's simply unfair. Unfair I tell you! How did they not end up together!!!

The ending. It was perfect and beautiful and heartbreaking:

It might have been your child but this was not the case. We had been careful, and you had left nothing behind.
--[pg. 333, "Going Ashore", Unaccustomed Earth]

I couldn't have beared (bore?) to do this to my characters if I were Lahiri, so kudos to her. Even though I sorta HATE HER FOR IT!

Seriously, amazing short story collection. I rarely am captivated by an entire collection, enough to want to read the whole thing through cover to cover, but this was simply perfection.

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