Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Draft 2

... is so much easier than draft 1.

I edited two chapters tonight. Bringing my current WiP draft 2 to 20,950 words, 64 pages and 8 chapters.

It's so much easier to write a second draft because the story's out, and the scenes are mostly all written. It's just a matter now of looking at it from a macro perspective to try to address pacing and scene placement, and then filling in the gaps that exist. I don't really do outlines, so now that I have all my scenes down, it's like fake outlining. Ie: cut and paste.

But seriously, this process is a billion times easier than draft 1, where you have to create 100% of everything. Here, I find myself writing new scenes almost every chapter, but it becomes much clearer what scenes I need and are missing, whereas before it was all such a crapshoot.

This is so much more fun than draft 1, seriously. It actually makes me kinda excited, to see my random scenes and stuff finally starting to come together and actually beginning to make a coherent whole. I just hope it's halfway decent!

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