Thursday, May 7, 2009

A politicalized short story should still be well-written!

By the way, for this same class, I've been reading short stories from this collection called American Eyes, a collection of Asian-American short stories.

To be honest, I don't like most of the stories in this book. I get my workshop cap on and I find all sorts of holes in the stories, and I don't think they're all that well-written. I feel some of them are dangerous if not read critically, and I just in general am not a fan of these short little "Asian-American" stories because I feel like they're so short that they do nothing besides call attention to the woefulness of being Asian-American. It's not that I can't relate - I can - but beyond that, I'm not sure that these stories are good literature.

On the other hand, I try to keep in mind that these stories were published in the 90's, and back then, there probably wasn't as much dialogue on being Asian-American as there exists now. It was the time of Joy Luck Club, etc, so I suppose there was a place and time for those stories. I just wish they had been better....

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