Friday, May 1, 2009

I love me a YA dystopia.

So, I picked up The Hunger Games last night, thinking I'd read for a couple of hours and then put it down to sleep. Nuh-uh. I stayed up til 5, finishing every last word. Lucky for me I didn't have to be on campus til 1...

I love me a good YA dystopia. The Hunger Games makes me think of something of a cross between The Giver and Ender's Game, making it a really fun read. Katniss, the protagonist, is just fiery enough for her to be believable, but young enough that you feel for her vulnerability. I really liked this book -- it's really creative in its premise, it's exciting, and it's got the slight romantic element, that becomes part of a greater strategy. I loved hearing about the different costumes, the strange/scary muttations, and I salivated at the food she described. Really creative.

The only thing I do have to say is that the use of the present tense really jarred me at moments, where I felt it wasn't natural, and it would kinda take me out of the book, which I don't like. I think she could have written it in past tense and it would have been fine.

Okay, I was warned about The Hunger Games, so I didn't feel like hurling the book across the room the way others did when I got to the "End of Book 1" print at the end. But I am eagerly anticipating the next one....

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moonrat said...

hahaha EVERYONE who reads this book says that!! can i borrow your copy when you're back?

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