Thursday, May 21, 2009


Turned in my last paper yesterday, which means that I can finally:

1. Work unfettered on my novel. Halfway there, baby!

2. Start reading for fun again. I'm trying to create a reading list that will help me stay in the right mindset as I write. Meaning no boy writers unless they write pretty, and lots of lyrical (but not snobby) girl writers. And by boy and girl I mean male and female, but whatever. I need accessible female writers that can continue to inspire me and keep me in the right mood. There's a reason I read Danticat's short stories when I need to transition myself into writing mode. Anyway, any suggestions?

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moonrat said...

i feel like maybe we already played this "suggestions" game. i think i lost.

word verification: menwin

i sh*t you not. let's prove blogspot wrong.

Frank said...

How are you possibly going to find a writer who isn't snobby, snotty, or cutesy?

Jessica Coe said...

As a former grad student, I totally understand the feeling of relief and gratification at the end of a semester! Congrats!

Also as someone trying to write a novel, though probably very different from the type you're trying to write, do you find it useful to read other writers? I'm on the fence. Sometimes, it helps, but mostly, I find myself totally immersed in the book wasting precious time and not really working on my own writing. Just wondering...

Maria said...

As far as I am concerned, no can touch Kaye Gibbons.

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