Friday, April 24, 2009

Say no to drugs.

I recently read Crank for an adolescent lit class of mine, not really sure what to expect. The book is really unconventional, written in a series of poems. Basically it's a story of a girl's descent into meth addiction.

First of all, I enjoyed the poems. I thought it was clever the way the words are set up so that you can get multiple meanings out of the same poem.

Secondly.. dude. This book is a pretty heavy horrifying moralistic tale -- rape, pregnancy, etc. It really made me fascinated to learn more about crystal meth addiction -- I confess I spent some time googling after I finished the book.

Lastly, the fact that this book is actually based upon the author's daughter's own story puts another layer on it. I spent some time googling that too.

I really liked the book, to be honest. It was definitely a cautionary tale, and at points perhaps a little too extreme, but it is crystal meth, which is some scary shit. As an adult, this book scared the bejeezus out of me, so I can only imagine what it does for its intended audience of teenagers.

(Yes, I'm getting lazier with my reviews. I just have such a tremendous backlog!)

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