Thursday, March 19, 2009

What being sick does

What I ate this past weekend, before getting sick:
Congee with pickles
Scallion pancake
An apple
Three street tacos
1 stewed taco
Guac and salsa and chips
Rice and beans
Diet coke
Sierra Nevada

Dried mango slices
Eggs benedict with crab
4 glasses of marmosa (cran orange champagne cocktail)
Fruit salad
Strawberry crepe with brulee creme
Strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting
Vietnamese fried catfish
Spring rolls
Omu rice
Banana flambee
Blow pop
Two cocktails and a shot

Iced coffee
Turkey leg
Chili lime corn on the cob
Dole whip
A bite of corn dog
Rice krispie treat
Caramel apple
Clam chowder in bread bowl
Steak gumbo in bread bowl
Fritters with fruit sauce
Hot coffee

What I ate this week after I got sick:
Congee with preserved egg, pickles, mian jing and rou song
Hot tea
Sliced dried mangos

Congee with preserved egg, pickles, mian jing and rou song
Hot tea
A shrimp taco from rubios (which made me sick)
Bowl of cheerios with skim

Bowl of cheerios with skim
Peach yogurt
Cup of chicken soup
Small antipasto salad
More cheerios with skim
Dried berries

Thursday (so far)
Bowl of cheerios with skim
Raisin bread pb & j & honey sandwich

I'm not sure which is more unhealthy. Though I do need to lose some weight before going on vacation next week. =P

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moonrat said...

is it sick that your week made me hungry?

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