Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad about book blogging...

I've been lax about updating this site. Mostly because nearly all the books I've been reading lately are for class. I do have a couple of things to say, but just haven't gotten around to saying them... and to be honest, a personal blog (which I keep under lock and key!) is more fun to update. Haha.

But on things:

- I'm awaiting hearing back from the one MFA program I reapplied to so I know for sure where I'll be heading next year (but def away from this godforsaken program)
- I really need to get myself on a schedule of writing to force myself through my writer's block. Le Novel is driving me nuts
- God I'm tired
- I have a midterm tomorrow. I haven't studied. But I will! Because even though grades don't matter, I'm an Asian overachiever. DUH.
- Apple Cinnamon bear naked granola is delish.
- I'm going to Belize in TWO WEEKS baby. I really need to stop eating so I can fit into a bathing suit
- I bought 5 boxes of girl scout cookies yesterday in a moment of weakness. I am a total cookie junkie.

Okay I'll be back later to write up thoughts/reviews on books I've read recently.

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