Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How age changes your perspective...

I just finished reading The Tower Treasure which is the first in the classic Hardy Boys series. It was tons of fun to read (for class), but I have to say:

1. I don't remember this stuff being so cheesy/campy. I guess it's like watching the Brady Bunch. It's all gosh darnit, swell.

2. The Hardy brothers get along a little too well. Don't boys like.. fight or something?

3. I love the depiction of dating. They think some girl is awesome and they "date her a lot" and that's about it. By the way they describe it, you'd think they were just friends hanging out. Where's the romance? The spark? The boys treat the girls the way I treat... well... boys I'm only sort of friends with!

4. The mysteries state the obvious. I guess that's good for the kids reading, but for me I was like um.. is it that hard?

5. They don't really seem to go to school at all. Their dad even wrote them a note to excuse them from homework since they were solving mysteries!

6. I love how the depiction of family life is so ... traditional. Dad works, Mom makes picnic sandwiches...

7. I always thought the Hardy boys were like... 13. But they're actually like 18!

8. Women are depicted so funnily. One lady faints and needs smelling salts. I seriously never understood the whole fainting stereotype with women. How many women do you actually know who have actually fainted from some shocking bit of news?

That being said, it's terrific fun. Next I get to read Nancy Drew!

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moonrat said...

ha! i've never ever read one of these. when were they written? also, what class were you reading them for?

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