Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Effing bullshit.

USB thief strikes again.

I spent hours last night writing a new chapter to the novel, and this afternoon I plugged in to finish off the last couple of paragraphs and...'s gone. Blank. Deleted. The document (which was a compilation of everything) is 30 pages (which was originally 60 when I left it) of blankness.

Now instead of working on the next chapter like I intended to, I am stuck rewriting this chapter that I don't even feel like touching right now, I'm so mad.


4 drops:

Jiffy said...

are you saving directly to the thumb drive??

Cat Moleski said...

On Friday, I oversaved 100 pages of re-writes by not saving a copy of the finished pages and then oversaving an earlier version. I cried for about twenty minutes, drank a lot, ate chocolate and started the rewrite process on Sunday. I feel your pain.

David L. McAfee said...

Stoopit USB Thief. I think there is more than one, because I've been visited by one of those scoundrels, myself.

Vista, was his name. The jerk!

Maria said...

I think you need a good strong drink.

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