Monday, November 24, 2008

Worst. Movie. Ever.

I went to see Twilight last night with a couple of friends. We had anticipated it highly, especially since both me and my girl friend thought Edward was dreamy. My guy friend also had read the book and had liked it, so we were all excited by the prospect of seeing it on screen.

Oh god. It was BAD.

I went in with low expectations because I'd heard it wasn't all that, but I figured that it'd be reasonably enjoyable, if campy.

It was so much worse than my expectations.

The first half of the movie was plagued with awkward moments and silences and bad conversation - thanks to a terrible screenplay and a bad acting job by Robert whats-his-face. It never gets better, and the last 20 minutes of the movie are somewhat bearable due to action. But beyond that, the movie is plagued with shortcomings in acting, makeup, special effects, screenwriting, editing, even poor musical choice. The whole thing feels very one note. My girl friend kept doing the face plant thing with her palm in her face, while my guy friend was sprawled out on his seat looking like he was being tortured. The best thing, as my friend said, about the movie was its topiary. Which was quite pretty. Everything else was AWFUL.

It's too bad. It could have been a great movie, but it seriously WAS NOT.

Do not waste your money on this movie. Really.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What KOLs can do

The publicist in me read the following NYTimes article about Obama's vague mention of some FDR book and the ensuing flurry, and laughed. Because, even though I never worked in book publicity, I definitely saw enough share of my mornings when a colleague or our media monitoring vendor would let us know excitedly, "Your product was mentioned on/by so-and-so!" And then we'd pull the clip and figure out exactly how we could use it to our advantage to push our product.

From the looks of this article, book publishers everywhere were doing it too. And Barack Obama is the KOL (key opinion leader) of the KOLs for these types of books. Just take a look at the NYTimes book list: There are at least 4 books (including a child's picture book) written by or about Obama (even if it's just an intro) on the bestsellers list. This country is excited by our president-elect, and they're about to gobble up ANYTHING he says.

I watched the referenced 60 Minutes interview last night by the way. Totally fell in love with Michelle and Barack together. I got that warm fuzzy feeling that I get when I watch Jon and Kate - is that weird? I so do love our soon-to-be First Family. They seem like genuinely goodhearted, warm people that I can relate to. People with intelligence and compassion and have a good sense of priority.

But anyway.

Read this article if you have time!

(And I have Audacity of Hope on CD for one of my long drives up to LA one of these days!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am an abysmal failure at NaNo

Due to all sorts of circumstances, I have been pretty much unable to get myself to write anything except stupid blog entries. It's been 11 days since NaNo began and I've written nothing. I'm hoping my long Thanksgiving break will give me some time to write (that and the cold cold cold of NY always seems to help my muse along), but that's cutting it quite short. Reaching 50K words? Yeah, right.

I miss my writing dates with Moonie.

You'd think being in an MFA would mean writing 24/7, but it's not so. I seem to be paralyzed by everything else that's happening around me. What a failure. I don't even read anymore.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bc I love Moonie too

Okay, I'm sorry for being late in this lovefest.

Anyway. My lovenote is a little different than most, but thought I should say:

Ms. Rat,

Thank you for everything over the past couple of years.

For reading my terrible pages for class, for making edits on my submissions for MFA applications, for giving me advice, for taking me to your pub parties every now and again, for being a writing buddy.

Also, for letting me call you in tears at 7 am, for listening to my problems, for dangerous martini nights, for being a foodie buddy!

And for providing me with lots of procrastination fun when I used to work by being a chat buddy.

Most of all, for being a great friend.

Sorry I missed out on the festivities earlier today. Le sigh.

love you mucho,


Is this true? I read on someone's Facebook status message that Michael Crichton died. No way!

And apologies to Moonie for having missed her anniversary. You know I love you.

Also: Obama!!!!!!!!