Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rant rant rant

Not book related. And we all know that when it's not book-related, it's usually football related. And if any of you have been following this blog, you know I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan. And if any of you follow football, you know that the Dallas Cowboys not only choked on the most important game of the season, it's as if they didn't even show up to the game at all.

I got so drunk off my ass in response to their ridiculous game, that I was ready to throw something into the TV screen (alas, I was at a bar, so all I could do was shout). As my brother said in his drunken (celebratory, as he's a Giants fan) stupor, I dropped more f-bombs than Dallas made plays. Insulting, funny, but unfortunately true.

I passed out at my parents' hotel in La Jolla piss drunk and still in my jersey.

This morning I crept around town with a hoodie on despite the fact that it was too hot to be wearing a sweatshirt, too ashamed to even let my #9 jersey see the light of day.

Yes. I'm ashamed of my team. That was horrible. Horrible. It wasn't heartbreak. It was a freaking bloodbath. It wasn't like last year (losing to the Giants during the playoffs after a few bad plays and a crappy o-line performance). It wasn't like the year before (bobble snap, 'nuff said). It was like the Eagles were playing some freaking pee-wee Pop Warner team. It was like the Eagles were playing ME. ME! Tiny little Asian girl who apparently now gets drunk off of four beers! ME!!!


Ugh, I am disgusted.
And I'm hanging up my jersey until next year.
As a true fan, I won't desert them. But come on guys! Throw me a freaking bone here! I'd almost rather be a freaking LIONS fan than this crap!! At least Lions fans held no illusions. Here you are, letting us all think you're a good team - no, a GREAT team - and you pull shit like this year after year! COME. ON.


Now I begin my three week of football-free hiatus. I don't want to freaking hear about football until like... the Super Bowl. I may be over this loss by then.

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moonrat said...

hahaha. i mean, i'm sorry :( i watched uconn get creamed by georgetown last night (they were playing like fucking muppets) and i got pretty het up so i dont suppose i should be mocking you.

word verification: syllebuc. hmm.

David L. McAfee said...

I have to agree with you. They played TERRIBLE! I dunno wtf they were trying to do, but it didn't work.


I am...Thoroughly disgusted.

BUT...still wore my Marion Barber jersey the next day.

Yeah, they sucked out loud, but they are still my Cowboys. I still love 'em. Come to think of it, I'll probably wear my Romo jersey to work tomorrow (Fridays RULE!).

The number one problem is still the O-Line. Cory Proctor couldn't block a soap-bubble. Kyle Kosier and Montrae Holland both did a MUCH better job of blocking for Romo, which gives him more time to make a decent throw. Give Romo time and he'll beat you. Opposing teams know it, too. That's why they blitz the sh*t out of him.

*sigh* if only Kyle Kosier could stay healthy for a full season...

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