Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Okay so I know one of my resolutions for next year...

Man, I just read through the fiction section of NYTimes' list of notables for 2008, and I have not read a single one. Not one. At all!!! Last year I was decently on top of things but this year? NOT A SINGLE ONE!

Seriously, I really need to step it up next year. I was so woefully behind on everything. In the first part of the year because I was working on apps and then wrapping things up at work, and then I was off to Vietnam and then settling into a new city and then Beijing, and then it became all about adjusting to school. Yes, these are my justifications. Next year I will be better. I let this blog fall to the wayside, stopped following pub industry news and let a bunch of books slide past me! No! Boo! Unacceptable!

End rant directed at self.

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moonrat said...

join the club. sigh.

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