Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A book about characters.

Woohoo! First semester over and done with. One more to go and then we'll see where I end up. I'm leaning heavily towards heading back to good old NYC for a studio program, though to be honest, SD itself is growing on me, if not the damn program.

I pretty much have dropped the ball here on this blog.

Nonetheless, I wanted to make this random note about this book we were forced to read in one of my classes called Textermination. This is truly a bizarre book. I can barely describe it, but the short of it is a bunch of well-known (supposedly, since for an underread person like me, I didn't know 90% of these characters) characters from texts show up at some Hilton in San Fran to hear scholarly papers on them, so that they don't "die". I think I knew like, Emma Bovary and that was about it. But anyway, it's so meta and strange, I guess because the author is trying to say something about how books and characters survive in the consciousness of people as time goes by, etc etc. It's not a riveting read, though comical at points, and probably would be better if I knew more of the references it was making. But nonetheless, it's an interesting read for anyone who's read a lot. I use "interesting" loosely. As in it's a fascinating little commentary, and kinda fun if you know the references.

Just wanted to throw it out there. Not my pick of the year or anything.

Okay I swear I'm going to be better about updating this blog.

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Ello said...

Angelle - such a ringing endorsement! ;o)

Although it does sound intriguing!

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