Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What KOLs can do

The publicist in me read the following NYTimes article about Obama's vague mention of some FDR book and the ensuing flurry, and laughed. Because, even though I never worked in book publicity, I definitely saw enough share of my mornings when a colleague or our media monitoring vendor would let us know excitedly, "Your product was mentioned on/by so-and-so!" And then we'd pull the clip and figure out exactly how we could use it to our advantage to push our product.

From the looks of this article, book publishers everywhere were doing it too. And Barack Obama is the KOL (key opinion leader) of the KOLs for these types of books. Just take a look at the NYTimes book list: There are at least 4 books (including a child's picture book) written by or about Obama (even if it's just an intro) on the bestsellers list. This country is excited by our president-elect, and they're about to gobble up ANYTHING he says.

I watched the referenced 60 Minutes interview last night by the way. Totally fell in love with Michelle and Barack together. I got that warm fuzzy feeling that I get when I watch Jon and Kate - is that weird? I so do love our soon-to-be First Family. They seem like genuinely goodhearted, warm people that I can relate to. People with intelligence and compassion and have a good sense of priority.

But anyway.

Read this article if you have time!

(And I have Audacity of Hope on CD for one of my long drives up to LA one of these days!)

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Maria said...

I saw 60 minutes too. And the weird thing is that I was simply walking across the living room, on my way to get something upstairs and I stopped and ended up plopping down on the sofa to listen to the whole damn interview.

Obama just has that...pull-in quality.

Sandra Beckwith said...

Great posting! This comment -- << "Your product was mentioned on/by so-and-so!" >> -- really resonated with me because I am so excited for authors when I see celebrities photographed carrying their books. I know that sometimes it's orchestrated but more often than not, it's serendipity.

Sandy Beckwith

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