Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bc I love Moonie too

Okay, I'm sorry for being late in this lovefest.

Anyway. My lovenote is a little different than most, but thought I should say:

Ms. Rat,

Thank you for everything over the past couple of years.

For reading my terrible pages for class, for making edits on my submissions for MFA applications, for giving me advice, for taking me to your pub parties every now and again, for being a writing buddy.

Also, for letting me call you in tears at 7 am, for listening to my problems, for dangerous martini nights, for being a foodie buddy!

And for providing me with lots of procrastination fun when I used to work by being a chat buddy.

Most of all, for being a great friend.

Sorry I missed out on the festivities earlier today. Le sigh.

love you mucho,

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