Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This book we're reading for class this week is weird, but it could grow on me.

Random lines:

"Everything we can't bear in this world, some day we find in one person, and love it all at once."
-[pg. 144, Nightwood]

"Matthew," she said, "have you ever loved someone and it became yourself?"

For a moment he did not answer. Taking up the decanter, he held it to the light.

"Robin can go anywhere, do anything," Nora continued, "because she forgets, and I nowhere because I remember."
-[pg. 161, Nightwood]

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Oriental Cracker said...

ah, nightwood. i remember it well from my Modernism class. it was in the pile of books i only had time to scan and read the back cover of, right before i withdrew from the class and all books went into the pile of books to be returned to labyrinth

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