Saturday, October 4, 2008


I've been reading The Hakawati in fits and starts since I've got here. Making very slow progress. Anyway, the book is a story of a guy and his storytelling grandfather and current family juxtaposed with myth and folklore (since the whole book is heavy in the storytelling aspect). Anyway, I'm in the section of myth/folklore, about this woman Fatima who is on this journey, and she meets this jinni who cuts her hand off, so she decides to go get it back. And her companions ask her what the point is and try to dissuade her, and she says, "I want my left hand so I can wipe my butt."

Hahahahahaha. I mean, I don't know if it's meant to be funny since I know that in some cultures, that's just a fact of life, you wipe your butt with your left hand. But I mean, of all the reasons to miss your hand? Hahahahah.

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Ello said...

First off = you had lunch with Cindy? How cool was that!


That is too funy about the butt wiping. Ah just my humor!

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