Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disappearing act.


I carry all my writing around on a USB flash drive (risky I know, but then again, a computer can crash too). I wrote at a cafe today, and everything was peachy. Just now I plugged it back in and went to the folder where all the novel chapers are kept (including the bits section, which is where I throw all my crap that I'm not using but may keep for later).... THE FOLDER IS EMPTY. Just that folder. The rest of the folders are fine. BUT THAT FOLDER IS COMPLETLY FREAKING EMPTY.

Luckily for me, I've emailed Chapters 1-5 to class so I have what I've written (believe me, I would be BROKEN DOWN AND CRYING if it were gone), but I'm astounded and bewildered, and frankly PISSED that I've lost my bits document and the other documents that were in there (older versions of chapters, etc). WHAT THE FUCK????


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moonrat said...

booooo! the bits document?!?! that's FRUSTRATING because you put the bits in there specifically so you WOULDNT lose them!!

sorry :(

cindy said...

oh no! that's awful, angelle. i always email my writing to myself, because i'm way too lazy to back up, too.

Ello said...

OH NO! See this is like my worst nightmare! Which is why I back up on my thumbdrive and email to myself, my husband and my crit partner. That way at any given time I know I have something somewhere safe. I hope.

But honestly, I would really want to know what happened so that we can all know what not to do!!!

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