Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An actual book-related post.

Or, sort of.

NY Mag (whose blogs I still frequent despite being out here in sunny Cali) has been reporting that the on-screen version of my favoritest book EVER, The Road, has been pushed back to a 2009 release date, rather than playing in 08 as planned. Ah, well.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this book being put on screen. I'm afraid what was a beautiful little parable (gruesome, yes, horrific, yes, but beautiful) will just become some freak post-apocalyptic horror movie, where instead of Will Smith and his dog, it becomes the dude with his son. McCarthy pulls off the book with that language of his, the simplicity and beauty of it. There's a tenacity in his writing that I love in this book.

I've mentioned before that the book, for me at least, uplifted me, gave me hope when I was feeling really low (I know, it's a depressing book, but I found it hopeful), and I'm afraid that a movie would offer no such hope. I think because what is wonderful about the book is how it speaks to you differently, depending on who you are, and you can take it from so many angles, and I worry that a poor interpretation of it would strip that away and make it more straightforward.

Coen bros did a good job of translating No Country For Old Men onto the big screen. I hope this guy does something similarly brilliant.

Though I do have to admit, watching people babyeating on screen is going to be a lot harder than reading it.

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