Monday, September 22, 2008

If you can't tell, I haven't been doing much reading for fun recently...

I wrote another 2500 words tonight once I got home from LA (I drove up to visit friends. Despite the fact that I actually don't really know how to drive). It's that beginning of a new project feeling. That consuming feeling. That fire being fueled. I feel like I could work on this straight and be done with a first draft in a couple months. I know this feeling won't last, but goddamn, it's a good feeling. It almost feels like a purge, and I feel like I can't write FAST enough. And I think I like this project about 10x better than my last attempt at a novel (which I am SHELVING, not scrapping). It feels more organic. I can be more... well, me.

The insomnia probably helps. I haven't slept before 5 am since... I can't even remember. I'm too anxious about everything in my life.

5500 words is only about 20 pages, and I wonder when I'll run out of steam, but it would be really nice if I could actually... you know. Finish this. Well, because you know, the sooner I finish, the sooner I can actually start revising it as my thesis project. Because let's be real here -- who is actually going to write their entire thesis in one semester??

Three years to write and polish this novel -- and then find it a home. I want to be on moonie's mischief roll too! =D

3 drops:

moonrat said...

so do i!!!! ;)


Frank said...

The fact that you've written 5500 words in two days is reason enough to stay...Keep it up...

cindy said...

get some sleep, girl!
don't make my mommy sense
go all tingly with worry ! =)

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