Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Picoult of yesteryear.

I sat down and read Jodi Picoult's The Pact in one sitting yesterday.

I've owned that book for awhile, but hadn't felt compelled to read it. Why? I loved My Sister's Keeper, enough to put it on my top 10 when I finished. And I went ahead and read Mercy, Vanishing Acts and one of her others which is escaping me right now. Then I read Tenth Circle. And absolutely, completely loathed it. I felt it was poorly written, and simply a bad plot. It was god-awful, and I thought, well here it is. The evidence that she's sold out. She's churning out a book a year and she's starting to falter. And with distaste in my mouth, I stopped reading any of her books.

The Pact I bought because of a BN special deal. And then it sat on my bookshelf.

In any case, yesterday, I figured I'd give it a go. And I liked it.

It was the first book that put her on the scene, and reminded me of why I liked Picoult. Her ability to examine family and morality of difficult, contemporary issues. The faces of love. It was The Pact that seems to have set the stage for what she'd continue to do from thereon. In here, she takes a look at teen suicide and what happens when you love someone too much, are too dependent upon someone else.

All the different characters in the book are rendered convincingly, each of their perspectives unique, heartbreaking. A story that has no right answer, or happy ending. The book leaves you frightened for your children (or the children you may have one day, as in my case), and reminds you of your own confusing days as a teenager.

An easy read, in that it was easy to get through. A difficult read, if only because it's hard to imagine that this could really happen in real life, yet at the same time, so plausible, it's frightening.


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