Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On a completely unrelated note

I am boycotting BBC.

This is why:

I am in Beijing for the Olympics. My family lives here right now, so we're all going to the Olympics. I am of Chinese descent, 3 of my grandparents were from the Shanghai area. One was from Taiwan. My parents were both born in Taiwan.

By no means am I pro-China, nor am I anti-China. To be honest, I tend to take a diplomatic view on things, and I feel that the things I don't understand, I can't make a judgement on.

What I do know is this-

The Olympics are a games of goodwill and peace. And as a Chinese person, I'm really proud of my people. Politics are one thing, but there's something to be said about wanting your culture and heritage to be shared with the world. I'm also really proud of how not only the Chinese government, but Chinese people across the world banded together in the wake of the Earthquake.

What pisses me off is how strongly scrutinized China is in preparation for the Olympics. And fine, I suppose that's to be expected, but the Western media is unforgivably biased. The other day, I literally heard this from the mouth of some dowdy BBC reporter: "So far, the athletes report that things seem to be organized and that nobody is experiencing severe discomfort yet." What?? Do they expect to be thrown in cages and flogged first? Then, "Well, I guess we'll see if Beijing can keep all of its promises." BBC is just waiting for the Chinese to f* up is it? I'm not like rah rah China or anything (and if I haven't said so before, I'm a total American patriot), but come on. I feel offended by the suggestion that everyone is just sitting around waiting for my people to f* up and/or act like total barbarians. It's POSSIBLE that Chinese people in China are NORMAL people who are proud of their country and excited about the Olympics. It's POSSIBLE that all they want to do is show the rest of the world what an amazing culture we have. It's POSSIBLE that they are doing what they can to try to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Why can't we all just bask in what the Olympics are supposed to be? Why does it ALWAYS have to be political, and why can't we just get along? Yeah, I get it, people have their opinions on the politics of China - so do I - but can't we just put that aside for the sake of the Olympic spirit?

I'm fully Westernized (though with globalization, you could argue that everyone these days is - to be "modern" pretty much means to be Western); I was born and raised in America. I love my country - I probably know more "American" songs than most people. I sing our anthem with gusto, I love my passport, I love going through customs and being told "Welcome home". I can't imagine making my life anywhere else. But I'm also Chinese. And when I watch Western media, I can't help but feel that this tremendous bias has part to do with "rights", but a lot also to do with a feeling of threat. That Chinese people are "other" - we're not white or European but something else. And China is getting too strong. And therefore, a carefully laid media plan of sensationalism is in place. I've worked with media for 4 years. I know how influential and targeted it is. It's not objective reporting, it rarely is.

I get upset because I believe there's two sides to every story. I believe that we in the West, especially in far removed America, only get to see what the media wants us to see. And that one side of the story is usually all anybody knows. I don't just mean this for China, but for many issues. We have a free media, sure, but is it really free? Doesn't it just mean somebody else is pulling the strings? Purse strings? What makes me upset are the people who venture forward to say that they have an opinion on Tibet or a free China, and I want to ask them how much they know about either issue. What have they read or heard? Where is it from? Tibet is poorly understood, as is the Chinese government. I have no solid opinion on either issue because I know I don't know enough about it. And I find it absolutely condescending when somebody who is NOT Chinese insists on a "free China" with a manic fervor - having never stepped into the Chinese borders, having known no Chinese people save for the ABCs in America. You are not them. You don't understand. You don't know. I don't either, but I don't presume to. It's condescending to assume that these people need YOUR freedom. How do you know that they feel and think the same way you do? How do you know they're not looking at YOU with pity?

Sorry. End rant. I have to go now for an appointment, but I'm getting angry because I feel a fierce protectiveness over my people and their pride.


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Anonymous said...

I completely understand your position.

However I believe you should understand there is a large proportion of people in the UK who are also very upset about our national broadcasting company.

The first and major issue is its bias.
This is a topic it refuses to discuss and is in a total state of denial over.
The BBC has set itself up as an "elite" organization with an agenda to inform and coerce the British public to its "values".
Many of us realise this and fight back - I refused to pay the BBC yearly tax and threw my TV out years ago - the internet is better on my finding news.

The BBC is:
1. Seriously left wing and with a serious number of employees of minorities and sexual persuasions that do not refect the distribution or viewpoint of the British public.
2. Arrogant, secretive, and dismissive of all argument that do not meet their agenda goals.
3. Fully promotive of the current government in spite of it being obviously incompetent.
4. Promoting a multi-cultural programme in the UK that is seriously eroding our social fabric.
5 Is anti-American and where it does support USA issues it is pro-Democrats, pro climate change, pro life and all the usual "humanist" principles, so long as they themselves do not have to practice them.
"Do as I say not what I do"

On the matter of China almost 500 BBC people are attending the Olympic Games this year at a cost to the British taxpayer of $6 million.

Finally I do not boycott the BBC but fight them hopefully until the revolution in 2 years time when they will be restructured.

Yesterday a Professor Hu in one of the UK universities was on BBC Radio 4 and demolished their usual anti-China diatribe and mantras, she certainly gave a very good account of herself.

David L. McAfee said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Angelle. It's frustrating to hear all these people who are, as you put it, just waiting for China to f*ck up. Why? Just let them host the games and leave politics out of it.

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