Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What was the point?

After finishing all my non-fic books that I'd brought, I started What I Loved.  The beginning sentences were captivating, and I was excited.  I hoped for a love story laced with intrigue.

Instead, this book was NOTHING about what I thought it would be about.  It started out sort of like a love story, and then a portrait of family and friendship, and then it turned into this story of parental nightmare of the worst possible kind.  Having a psycho liar for a child.  The book ended with no satisfying ending, and I was left wondering WHAT THE POINT WAS!  I literally closed the book and went "what the fuck".

Also, while all the art was interesting, I started to feel like the book was a little too pretentious for my tastes.  Too intellectual, artsy-fartsy for me.  No thanks.

So uh, yeah, that's that.

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Maria said...

I am reading Elizabeth Strout's "Olive Kitteridge" and although I am only on page 21, I am half in love.

I love it when a book does that to you.

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