Sunday, July 27, 2008

This post is not erotica.

Because I want an excuse to blog, first I'll say something book related:

I'm reading Kushiel's Dart, lent to me by one of my best friends. He reads exclusively fantasy and sci-fi, and is the reason I ever picked up Ender's Game. On a recent July 4th trip, he was reading the 5th or 6th book in this series. All I can say is that I was reading over his shoulder, and caught the line, "She probed his anus gently with her finger" and for the rest of the trip, we were making fun of him for reading porn.

[I have just redirected all shady internet traffic to me. I apologize to the horny surfers who were hoping for more provocative reading material.]

In any case, this book seems to have a strong basis in sex and S&M from what I can gather from the back copy and the 40 pages I've read so far. No racy anal probing yet, but given the nature of the plot - a girl who finds pleasure in pain - I'm convinced I'm in for a racy ride.

Yeah, not my regular reading material. But, what the hell. If he liked it enough to read all six, I'm hoping there is some sort of interesting plot that makes it worth reading.... We'll see.

In the meanwhile, just wanted to update. I have found a place to live! I also now have a bed (or will soon, as it is being shipped on Monday)! Now I seriously just need to learn to get over my fear of driving so that I can test drive a car and take it for a spin...

Also! I am so effing excited for football season! I am seriously considering making my blog a book and football blog because I am so excited for it! Yeah, I'm a dork... But the Cowboys started training camp and I am SO SUPER EXCITED!

That's all for now. Tomorrow will be another day spent furniture shopping and trying to settle myself for school....

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moonrat said...

one of my sci fi friends lent me the entire series about a year ago, but i haven't had any luck getting through it (in that i haven't really tried). so. looking forward to your thoughts...!

David L. McAfee said...

Oh, yeah. Football season is here, Angelle! Cowboys have their first preseason game tonight vs. San Diego. Man, I'm ready. It's on NFL Network at 10.

Guess where I'll be at 10? :)

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