Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Sorry I've been so MIA. I'm actually in Vietnam, and will be until the end of June, and internet is shoddy at best. I've finished 4 books already while here though, so when I get back, I'll be sure to post some reviews.

I celebrated my 26th birthday in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

It also happened to be the same day that Cyn got her book deals apparently! So a belated congrats!

See you all in a few weeks.

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cindy said...

thanks, angelle. and happy belated--you are a baby! ;*)

David L. McAfee said...

26, huh?

I'm feeling old, now.

I've never been to Vietnam. I live in the philippines for two years, but I can't imagine it's the same (although the country is GORGEOUS!).

Happy belated birthday, Angelle!

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