Wednesday, May 7, 2008

YA vs. adult fiction: Is it all marketing?

I got bored with Savage Detectives so I took a break from it and began Book Thief.

I like it so far. The style of writing almost gets me. I say almost because it's sort of got that interesting, different narrative style, like History of Love or JSF type experimentation that usually gets me going. But not quite. There's something that doesn't click as well as when NK or JSF do their thing. But I still quite like it.

My other initial thought is, reading this, I wonder why this book got marketed as YA and other books with young protagonists (JSF's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close for example) don't. This book clearly works as either, and I think is sophisticated enough in terms of subject matter to fit into adult fiction. But that's just my thought.

I love books though, so of course I like this book so far.

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moonrat said...

you're the second person I know who got bored of Savae Detectives today. weird. i might have to read it now to see what's so boring about it.

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