Friday, May 9, 2008

BDL the movie.

Been sorta absent recently. Busy with getting everything ready and finishing work -- I'm leaving this city in about a week, so it's crazy.

Forgot to mention that I went to Tribeca Film Festival this past weekend and caught the last showing of Ball Don't Lie.

The movie was very well shot, and it was nice to see it brought to life on screen. There were some big names on screen, some tear inducing moments. Great cinematography. Awesome basketball scenes. Some scenes I just thought were pretty awesome.

The film stayed pretty true to the book, but to be honest, I felt that what worked in a book didn't translate nearly as well on to the screen. The movie began to lose momentum 3/4 of the way through. Also, a lot of the things I liked about the book - diving deep into all the characters and backstory - couldn't be captured on film due to time restraints. Flashbacks, which work well in the book due to chapter breaks, don't work as easily on screen because it can become confusing at times. It also made the story arc feel a little more awkward, stagnant in the present esp.

Nonetheless, I thought it was a job pretty well done. A lot of attention was paid to details, making sure things looked right, locations were picked. It gave a good representation of the world in which Sticky lives in and was artful in itself. I liked it. Congrats to all involved!! Must feel amazing.

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