Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pen World Voices.

Some names I recognize (Rushdie, Eco, Eugenides, Ondaatje), many I don't.

Pen World Voices Festival. Anyone want to go?

I can't believe I'm leaving this literary city for the west coast for three years!

But I'll be back...

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moonrat said...

ooooh i'm such a fan girl of ALL these people! and i'm not going to be here!! booo.

so maybe you should think about, you know, NOT LEAVING NEW YORK. ahem.

Ello said...

Wow! That sounds awesome.

And as sad as Moonie will be without you, it is only 3 years and you will be back.

By the way, your blog is referenced as a contest entry on my blog contest. It is number 29 but I haven't posted yet! Check in the morning. Thought it was too funny!

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