Thursday, April 10, 2008

Short story collection straight to #1?

I still have yet to get through Jhumpa Lahiri's first short story collection, which is why I haven't even bothered with her second yet. But for reasons of my own, I'm glad to see her doing so well. A short story collection jumping directly to #1 on the bestseller list? Amazing.

I like this snippet that Paper Cuts has. I wouldn't want to read reviews either, though I fear I wouldn't be able to resist.

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moonrat said...

one of my friends is halfway through the new collection and says it's phenomenal.

i loved interpreter of maladies. the (accurate) assessment of her short stories i've heard is that generally, short story collections have one or two twinkling stand-out pieces. but in her short story collections, all the pieces are twinkling. i am inclined to agree re: interpreter and do want to read her new set.

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