Monday, April 14, 2008

Political intrigue, etc.

I finished The Other Boleyn Girl on Saturday, and then went to see the movie several hours later, so this will be a two in one.

So, after about 100 pages, I got over Gregory's bad writing, settled into the plot and began to enjoy myself. You know, I have to remind myself not everything is grand literature. And I'm okay with that. It doesn't need to be.

Anyway, so I normally don't have an inherent interest in British history. But this book actually made me interested. The political intrigue is so fascinating, this idea that one man's obsession with a woman can create such upheaval and even change the face of the country forever. Despite its length, I ended up finding the book an easy read. Gregory clearly did her homework here which is impressive. I mean, from a craft point of view, there's nothing really all that impressive, except for the plot. The plot inherently is intriguing, and even though we all know how it ends, it's just interesting to see how things turn out, what happens to whom, why, etc.

So yeah. I liked it. I'm not embarrassed to admit it. And it actually makes me want to read up more about the Tudors (and maybe watch the show? Hahaha), which I think is one form of success. To get people interested in something they otherwise wouldn't have been.

The movie on the other hand. I thought that was just bad. But maybe because I felt everything too rushed and too condensed. I was also just so much more disturbed by the movie than I was by the book. The whole thing made me slightly upset and sick. And, the parts I liked best about the story, the political upheaval and policy changing -- all of that was lost. I think that's ultimately what makes the story interesting. How the seduction of a woman behind the shadows can change policy. But. I guess it was made for girls and thus heavily focused on the relationship drama (really disturbing). They also twisted all the stuff in the book around. It was a completely different reading of events than what was in the book. Disappointing, to say the least.

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cyn said...

angelle, i'm a huge huge fan of boleyn and ERI. they are very fasincating to me. and the period of henry 8, i mean, you can't make shit up more crazy than that.

i'd love to study that time period or even write it, but it's all been done, obviously.

as for the film, i went to watch it with another boleyn groupie and it was so disappointing. they even changed history! (anne's sister DID NOT have henry's child!) and then the soft focus sex scenes. are you kidding me?

it's really too bad. no wonder it flopped in the theatres.

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