Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bad writing = bestseller?

By the way, I started The Other Boleyn Girl shortly after. Within the first 20 pages, my first impression was, god this writing is cringe-worthy. (Esp after Chabon) Her use of adverbs gives JK Rowling a run for her money, and I often feel misplaced in her scenes. Plus, her monitoring of the first person usage is not very close at all. I would have ripped this apart in workshop for the number of times Mary says things that she oughtn't know or say in that way. But whatever. I suspect people love this book for the plot, not for it's incredible writing. Now about 100 pages in, I'm getting used to the writing and beginning to ignore it most of the time (though sometimes it's just unavoidable). I just hope the plot is worth 600+ pages of this god-awful writing.

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cyn said...

i don't remember being bothered by the other boleyn girl but the virgin's lover was bad for me. i think her writing can be hit or miss, and many people read it because they love historicals or they love the royals of that period. be interested in your final thoughts if you finish! =)

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