Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The waiting game is driving me nuts...

I'm waiting on MFA program responses. Doing that thing where I go on the blogs every day to see who's been accepted where.

I've been accepted into New School, and supposedly I'm supposed to make a decision by March 15 (rather early, considering all other deadlines are April 15). But I haven't gotten the letter in the mail yet and now I'm thinking it's all a dream.

I'm waiting on 6 more schools -- UC Irvine, San Diego State, San Francisco State, Sarah Lawrence, Brooklyn College and Rutgers-Newark.

As far as I know, SFSU, Brooklyn and Rutgers have all sent out phone acceptances already, which makes me think I may have already been rejected and I just don't know it.

UCI, SDSU and Sarah Lawrence, people haven't heard from yet.

I'm pulling my hair out.

Moonie wants me to just stay in New York so she hopes I don't get in anywhere else. =P Mean, that Moonrat is.


Also, I have some good news about somebody else to share. But I'm waiting to get the official go ahead before I say anything.

3 drops:

moonrat said...

i'm a meany, eh?

nyuk nyuk nyuk. please email me if you have any news while i'm gone.

cyn said...

you're right, waiting is horrific. just one more month and you should know all. i wish i could say the same!!!! good luck, angelle.

Ello said...

Good luck! I am crossing my fingers for you. Don't think negative, you never know!

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