Monday, February 4, 2008

A self-indulgent Super Bowl post.

So I couldn't decide who to root for. I'd been thinking about this for two weeks now, and I kept flip-flopping. In any other situation, I always root for whoever is up against the Patriots; in any other situation, I always root for the Giants as long as it doesn't affect the Cowboys too much. But this Super Bowl matchup made it difficult for me to want to root for either team, because, well, the loss to the Giants left a really bad taste in my mouth. We all remember how depressed and devastated I was, right?

Anyway, right around kick-off, I thought, oh what the hell. I need to swallow my bitterness and root for New York, because at the end of the day, I'm a New Yorker, and I really do hate the Patriots. So throughout the game, I outwardly rooted for the Giants. But I do have to say that partly it was because I never thought they'd actually win.

Well, as the game stayed close, this little seed of discontent made itself known, and I sorta realized that maybe I almost wanted the Pats to win. Why? Because the Patriots winning was a foregone conclusion. It'd suck if they won, but I already prepared myself for that. I was in NO WAY prepared to have the Giants win and have to live with Giants fans all around me gloat. So even though I continued to cheer for the Giants as they managed to pull through, I was suddenly VERY unsure of if my cheers were reflective of what I was really thinking.

Then the Giants won. And I didn't really have much of a reaction except disbelief.

Then I saw the shot of Peyton looking so happy and proud. And, I love Peyton Manning. Not the way I love Romo, but I have a soft spot in my heart for him.

Then I saw Plax cry happiness.

Then I started hearing the shouts of joy from the streets below.

Then I walked to Times Square to pick up my bus, and witnessed, firsthand, the joy of New Yorkers. People were crowding on to the street, hanging out of their cars, chanting, hugging strangers, dancing in the middle of the road. Police had to crowd control because people were going CRAZY. [I took pictures.]

And that's when it sorta hit me. Okay, my team didn't make it to the Super Bowl. And I love my Cowboys, I really really do. But I also love my city, truly love New York City. And this was such a New York City moment, to have people so happy like this, streaming into the streets, sharing in absolute joy and being completely rowdy. And suddenly, I was totally fine with the Giants winning. Because it brought my city together. And sure, it wasn't my team, but it's the team I would have cheered for, if circumstances had been different and Dallas hadn't lost so devastatingly to them. It's the team I grew up with but didn't know much about. And it's the team of my city. And you know what? If the undefeated PATRIOTS can lose to the Giants, then it's okay that the Cowboys lost to them, right? Because it means that we weren't just idiots. It means that the Giants have learned to somehow play incredibly, and their defense is Class A.

So okay. The Giants won, and I'm at peace with this outcome. Because I got to witness something special tonight. Even if I never felt 100% part of it, I'm happy for my city, and the celebration that follows.

Now I'm just hoping Romo gets to start for Pro Bowl, now that Favre has pulled out. :)

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David L. McAfee said...


I am with you here. I have been back and forth on who I wanted to win. Right after the Cowboys loss I wanted the Pack to win, then after that I wanted the Pats to take it all the way because I was mad at the NYG for beating my two favorite teams.

But when the game was actually going on I couldn't help myself; I was silently pulling for Eli (silently because my wife is a big Pats fan and she therefore believes I have to root for a team I have hated my whole life as long as they aren't playing Dallas).

I dunno why. I just wanted someone, anyone to wipe that smirk off Tom Brady's face. It could have been the NO Saints, for all I cared.

So, as upset as I was by the Giants beating Dallas and GB, when it came down to it I just couldn't root for the Patriots. I couldn't go crazy and be super happy at the outcome (or I would have been sleeping on the couch), but I still enjoyed the game (which was good) and got to see the Pats perfect season go PPPBBBLLLLLT!

And that's always a good thing.

moonrat said...

it was also an effin' awesome game (and i dont even like football)

Ello said...

It was a great game to watch! And the Giants made it a joy! I'm so happy for them!

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