Friday, February 29, 2008

Reading recap.

I forgot to tell everyone that I went to a low-key reading on Wednesday night at Kettle of Fish, in the West Village. It's organized by a guy at Writers House.

Three authors with novels-in-progress went up:

Mitch (and I forgot his last name now)
Raina (and I want to say Kelly, but that could be wrong, because that name comes to mind only because she's a Newsweek writer I pitch to often at work)
Vanessa Hidary

All the pieces were sort of urban but fun, almost lyrical. First was actually my fave -- the guy looked kinda scared to be up there, but I think he did a good job. He read an excerpt from his novel in progress, a kid who's got some smack hidden in his shorts who ALMOST gets caught by the cops. He paints a clear picture of the world, a grittiness, but it's still funny and honest. I liked it a lot. Plus, there was something endearing about how nervous he was up there. I'd be 10000x worse.

Second chick did an excerpt from hers - about a woman who gets over heartbreak by becoming an assassin basically. It's a "Dear Diary" excerpt. It's funny, and honest and cute. I liked it, though the Dear Diary concept seems the tiniest bit silly. But I suppose the concept in itself sort of is. She was a pretty good reader too.

Vanessa was great in that her pieces were also funny and had a certain rhythm to them that I really enjoyed. She's originally a spoken word artist, or so I hear, so she read REALLY well, and it was like she was telling us all a story. My one critique was that her "excerpts" felt like creative non-fiction/personal essays. And that's okay, except that she presented it as a novel.

I don't have much to say about this. I really enjoyed myself. I always do, and it's nice to see works in progress, over the super accomplished mega-authors at BN readings. I'd definitely keep an eye out for this Mitch guy's book one of these days. Though that's tough since I don't know his last name. Ha.

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