Thursday, February 21, 2008

News and the problem of anonymity.

So, my story is posted up. Yay! And I was all like, HOORAY! And going to post up a link. But then I remembered something: I'm anonymous on this blog. And posting up a link would give it away.

Now, unlike Moonrat, I don't do it because I work in publishing and it's a delicate issue. I do it because I've had NOT anonymous blogs before, and I don't like being found by people I know (even if some people I know read this blog). I do it because it offers a certain cocoon. Not because I don't trust you guys or anything, but things are just a little different when you don't give yourself away on a public forum.


But let's make a deal: when I finally make it big - say, sell my book - I'll go public. Because, well, I'm going to have to publicize my book somehow right?

Now if a couple of you are dying to read my crappy short story, maybe we can work out an email friendship. You know. Away from my Google-ability. :)

Also!!! I got my first reply from a school last week, and it was an acceptance! Not from my top schools, but a school I wouldn't mind going to. So that's exciting! Will keep you all updated :)

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cyn said...

congrats on being published AND an acceptance, angelle. how do i start an online friendship? am i supposed to pay you $5 via paypal or something? =D i wanna read your story!!

angelle said...

nono cyn, you just need to fill out a 5 page application form detailing your experiences and providing character references.

just kidding!


moonrat said...

humph. fine.

the only reason i'm agreeing to this "deal" of yours is because i already know who you are.

David L. McAfee said...

ooooh, I wanna read it. I wanna read it. :)

I didn't start an anonymous blog for the very reason that I hope people CAN find know...once I make a sale and land on your local B&N. I'd like for people who look for me to see me pretty easy. I thought about doing a second, anonymous blog, but I know I'd end up giving myself away, anyway. :)

Big congrats on the acceptance, too! Way to go!

angelle said...

thanks david!

you and i can be email pals too, if you promise to keep my super hero identity a secret. wouldn't do to have catwoman coming after me, after all.

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