Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally finished.

It seriously took me months, mostly because I kept getting sidetracked, bu I am finally finished with Umberto Eco's Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana.

Well, I had 100 pages left to finish for the past few months, and I finally just pushed myself through it. Surprisingly, there was one chapter that flew by pretty fast, war intrigue mixed with some interesting religious/existential philosophy. Then there was a little section on Cyrano de Bergerac which was also really interesting. But the rest, I must say, wasn't too enthralled with.

The problem to me is that the book just seems so highly self-indulgent. I know it's probably really academic and I'm not the target audience either, but all the references to outside texts, comics, etc, it's too much and too dense. I went along with it in the beginning because I thought it would all come together with some other purpose, but it seemed to be an exploration of self within the confines of this literature. And I just tired of the plotlessness after awhile.

So that's why it took me forever to read. Maybe one day I wil sit down and try Name of the Rose but I'm a little put off by Eco after this read, so that'll have to come much much later.

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moonrat said...

sigh. tragic.

i've admit before and here admit again that i LOVED NAME OF THE ROSE but haven't been able to force myself through anything else of his (not for lack of trying).

moonrat said...

life is short. we should be able to enjoy what we read.

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