Monday, January 21, 2008

Worst fear ever.

Okay, I swear to limit my football discussion this time. I'm slowly getting over the whole loss thing, and especially with the Super Bowl being a game between the hated Patriots and the Giants, I've just sort of lost interest in football for the season. [That's not to say going to the Super Bowl wouldn't still be cool. But dammit, I really do wish it were the Cowboys.]

Anyway, Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I saw this two Fridays ago, and it was very very good. Incredibly shot, just an amazing piece of film. I don't know if everyone knows, but the film is based upon a book, written by this guy who had a stroke, and when he woke up, he found he was paralyzed everywhere, except his ability to blink. His mind was working and conscious, he just couldn't move, speak, etc. So they came up with a way of communication, by naming letters, and he would blink at the appropriate letter, and in that way, string together entire sentences. So what does he do? He writes a book.

Oh man, I cannot tell you. What a horrible thing, to be robbed of your ability to move or speak. I had a conversation with friends recently, about whether or not we'd be able to live with various paralyses - if we lost a hand, or if we lost our legs, or if we lost everything below our necks. Sure, no matter it was, it would be difficult, depressing even. But for me, I always said, well, as long as I could still tell a good story. If I could still write. What I want to do in life is write, so as long as that's not robbed from me, right? But the idea of being shut inside your own head... that's a nightmare come true. And blinking just seems so incredibly tedious, I don't even know how he did it. How the guy wrote an entire book with blinks. I don't think I have that patience. As terrible as it sounds, my first sentence might just be "Please kill me." I think it's incredible perseverance what the guy does, admirable, really, because I'd probably sink into depression and never get over it.

I want to read the book now. Translation from French. I'm so curious as to what he's written. Anyway, watch the film though. It's really good.

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moonrat said...

the book is good, too. i'm really curious about how they made it into a movie, though.

the saddest part (from my point of view) is that he never got to see his own publication--he died a week before the book came out.

angelle said...

oh, i read he died two days after the french publication of his book.

David L. McAfee said...

That truly is a frightening thought. I doubt I'd be able to do much more than feel sorry for myself in that situation.

Now I have to read that book.

angelle said...

David: I know, right? I'd just mope and feel bad. I'm planning on reading the book too. We'll compare notes.

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