Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday morning.


1. I dreamt about babies last night. Having one of my own, to be exact. It was a very good dream. I don't know if this is nature's way of reminding me that my clock has begun to tick. Baby fever is upon me once again. Alas for that damn novel that needs to be written before I start settling down. Babies are going to have to wait.

2. I am excited (nervous) for the divisionals this weekend. We haven't seen Cowboys play too solid of a game in a few weeks, so I'm a bit nervous, esp with TO out and the Giants on a strong streak. Speaking of, for work, I might get to go to Phoenix for pre-Superbowl activities (we're planning an event). In the process, I spoke to a guy who also happens to have 10 Super Bowl tickets in his hand (purchased at $275 a piece). I started doing my best friendly flirtation....

3. I started reading Tree of Smoke again, but damn, it's hard to be away from a book for so long. I've nearly forgotten what happened in the first 300 pages. I promised myself no new books until I've finished this and (ugh) Umberto Eco though. I hate lingering books. It's shameful, really.

4. My Sarah Lawrence app is due next Tuesday. I haven't touched it. I have three essays to write. I'm sort of screwed. I figure I'll spend the weekend writing it, and hopefully Monday I can do overnight mail. Hopefully it's postmarked by, but I guess I'm getting down to the wire either way. So irresponsible of me!

Okay, bye for now.

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moonrat said...

1) i want one too, dammit

2) football is silly. i prefer baseball, where i can objectify the players by staring at their butts in their nice tight little pants. i'm such a hypocrite.

3) good luck. finishing is a virtue (and means you can post about them in the book book!! vituperative book review ahoy!)

4) we'll take care of this on sat. yesss we will.

cyn said...

hehe to MR's response. love the randomness entry. why are you slacking on the sarah lawrence app? is it not a top choice? or one of the top choice? 8)

angelle said...

moonie: football players wear tight pants too. and they bend over at the line of scrimmage. nice tushies. :) romo is a cutie anyway.

cyn: slacking on sarah lawrence bc im lazy and it's the only application that has it's own questions which means i can't just drop in my personal statement and tailor it. i have to write three new essays!! ugh.

angelle said...

p.s. cyn - if i go to sdsu (which is my realistic first choice), will you be my friend? hahaha

cyn said...

angelle, i tried to find your email on the contact page. but there is none. i'll be attending sdsu's big writing conf later this month. =D and you already are an online friend, and i'd be happy to be a friend friend!

i'll show you where all the good asian nosh is. HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Don't tell my husband, but I've been having baby dreams more and more often, too. They used to horrify me. Now the feeling in the dream has changed, and I wake up missing the little one I invented while I slept.

As for lingering books, I so know the feeling. It's worst when you're at the stage where you've forgotten too much to easily pick it up again, but remember enough to want to begin anew.

angelle said...

cyn: hehe. yeah i don't have an email up bc my email gives away my true identity! now, we can't be having that since i need to be saving lives and such... but would i to make the major move to san diego, i may need a partner in crimefighting. you know, to parole all the eateries to make sure they are fit for civilians.

booklady: i don't know if i'm starting young or something, but i've been having baby fever for the past few years now, and i'm barely in my mid-20s. this morning when i woke up without my dream baby against my chest, i felt bereft. this is a problem seeing as i'm NOWHERE near ready (from a very practical standpoint, as i heard somewhere it's good to have a husband or something like that before you go and get yourself knocked up). =D ah, well, i'll be patient.

Ello said...

OK - Start moving on that Sarah Lawrence app! Come on! You can do it!

hey - kind of young to be having the baby dreams, aren't you? I think I had my first when I was 30!

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