Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dying of illness...

...means that my days look like this:

Go to work (work on Super Bowl stuff)
Go home
Drink soup
Watch Felicity episodes

Yeah, I don't read. It takes too much effort when I'm sick.

Be back soon.

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moonrat said...

what season are you up to?

angelle said...

just one. almost done with #1.

btw, so this weekend i need to do some major work. ie:

- chapters 5 and 6
- read for my class
- do my research for a certain somebody's book that i promised would be done by the 1st!!!

so looks like another weekend locked up with my laptop. the only question is - where do i go?

- barnes: they might have some good books i can use to refer to for aforementioned research
- school library: because i always get so focused there
- my bakery: baked goods, need we say anything else?
- starbucks: because i'm partial to starbucks
- my spa lounge: because maybe i'll bump into elevator guy aka brad pitt look alike again [wait, did i tell you that story???]

hmm hmm hmm. you, missy, owe some pages soon too.

David L. McAfee said...

Ech. Sorry you are under the weather. When I'm sick, my day usually goes something like this:


Watch Futurama or South Park episodes on DVD (yeah, yeah...I know. But they're funny!), sometime I substitue Buffy episodes.

Sleep some more

Have some soup

Sleep until Heather gets home

Whine to Heather about how sick I am

Did I mention sleep?

What? Take some medicine? That's crazy talk!

Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

cyn said...

i <3 felicity.
it always reminds me of my
time in nyc.
we actually got apps in
admissions referring to the
show and someone *calling* asking
for her. because she worked in
admissions as a freshman or some such? haha!

ben or noel?

i vote noel.
i'm such a geek lover.

i think i'll never like
jennifer gardner very well
for ditching noel.

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