Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Be back soon.

I've been a complete slacker on this blog, I'll admit. First it was the GREs, then it was my apps, then it was vacation, then it was the Cowboys losing, me getting sick, and workingworkingworking at my day job all at once. So I've been terrible about reading and posting, and also terrible about keeping up with publishing news and readings (for all I know, I could have missed a reading by a favorite author of mine. I don't want to know.).

But, my work event is done this weekend, football season will be over, I've turned in all my apps, and in another few days after this weekend, I'll also have my last bit of outstanding commitment finished (the research). After that, I'll finally be able to twiddle my thumbs at work, which is good news for this blog, since it means I can spend hours perusing all my usual book news outlets. It also means I can start reading again. And finish those four or five books that have been on my "Currently Reading" list since forever.

Until then, I'm still a slave.

So I'm off to Phoenix tomorrow. Promise to return with new vigor!

2 drops:

cyn said...

safe travels, angelle!

David L. McAfee said...

Have fun in AZ!

If you go to the game, be sure to boo the NYG. :)

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